The Group

Since 1998, GEOS has been the reference for companies and institutions in the support and development of their projects in sensitive areas. In order to enable companies to exploit their potential regardless of the risks involved, GEOS intervenes directly or through its subsidiaries mainly in sensitive contexts or in crisis zones

Our Mission

GEOS' main mission is to enable companies to serenely exploit their potential for growth and influence without the environment endangering their personnel or their tangible or intangible assets. In the fields of Services, Technical Assistance and Security, the GEOS Group supports any company or institution by providing solutions to risk management or operational and human issues

Our ethics

Notre éthique

As a private security, industrial services and technical assistance company, the GEOS Group responsibly provides security, safety and defence services in complex environments. The GEOS Group is committed to conducting its actions based on fundamental principles that constitute its code of ethics, which are shared without reservation by all Group employees

The GEOS Group has been identified by the French authorities as well as those of the countries where it carries out its expertise and assistance activities. The GEOS Group attaches particular importance to compliance with legislation and to the transparency of its structures and activities

Each of the group's employees fully adheres to the group's code of conduct. The group ensures that it is respected without concession.

The current gender equality index as of March 1, 2022 is 89/100. In line with our values, a new agreement on professional equality was signed with all the representative trade unions within GEOS at the beginning of 2021.

Our presence

Notre présence mondiale

Our team



Christophe DANTOINE

Directeur Général

Jean-Christophe GRIVAUX

Vice Président Opérations


Vice Président Industry Services


Vice Président Gestion des Risques


Directrice du Développement et Affaires Publiques


Vice Président Partenariats et Projets


Directeur des Ressources Humaines Groupe


Directeur Administratif et Financier Groupe